Board of Directors

<span>Dr. Bernard</span> Demczuk

Dr. Bernard Demczuk

Board Chair
Bernard Demczuk, Ph.D. is a 40-year+ DC resident living in the Shaw community where he has been active in community, corporate, academic, labor and go ...

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<span>Nizam</span> Ali

Nizam Ali

A Washington, DC native, Nizam has been working in his family’s historic restaurant, Ben’s Chili Bowl, since he was a child. Opened in 1958 on U S ...

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<span>Carl</span> Blake

Carl Blake

Carl, a Washington, DC resident for nearly two decades believes that people of all economic backgrounds should be afforded the opportunity to discover ...

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<span>Brian</span> Summers

Brian Summers

Brian Summers, a native of North Carolina, has been on the political circuit for 26 years, and his career has been accentuated by numerous significant ...

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<span>Sage</span> Ali

Sage Ali

Sage Ali was born Haidar Ben Ali, and he was later given the nickname “Sage” by a close friend and mentor at his martial arts academy. Born and ra ...

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<span>Joseph</span> Burns

Joseph Burns

As a native Washingtonian, Joseph Burns has a deep commitment to the betterment of Washington, DC. He is passionate in the belief that people of all e ...

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<span>Kamal</span> Ali

Kamal Ali

Kamal was born on July 29, 1962 at Providence Hospital in Washington, DC. He attended Shepherd Elementary School, Georgetown Day School and the Univer ...

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<span>Rachael</span> Kronowitz

Rachael Kronowitz

Rachel Kronowitz is a Founding Partner of the law firm, Gilbert LLP. She has been honored by the Washington Business Journal as a Woman Who Means Busi ...

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<span>Raj</span> Aggarwal

Raj Aggarwal

Raj Aggarwal founded Provoc in 1999 and serves as President and Lead Strategist. He has over twenty years of experience as a communications and techno ...

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<span>Shawneequa</span> Collier

Shawneequa Collier

Shawneequa Callier, an Associate Professor of medical ethics at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, is a long tim ...

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<span>Sonya</span> Ali

Sonya Ali

Sonya Ali is a family member and Co-Owner of Ben’s Chili Bowl, Ben’s Next Door and Ben’s Upstairs restaurants where she oversees the companyR ...

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<span>Stanley</span> Mayes

Stanley Mayes

Mayes was born in Washington, DC, a product of DC Public Schools and he received a B. B. A. from Howard University.  He earned a M. A. in Public Poli ...

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<span>Vida</span> Ali

Vida Ali

Vida Ali was born in Trinidad &amp; Tobago, where her parents raised her with the philosophy that “it takes a village” and “always treat eve ...

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<span>Winona</span> Lake

Winona Lake

Winona Lake has over 20 years of experience in leadership at federal, state, and local levels in civil rights, employment and equal opportunity law, t ...

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