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  • Teaching for Change

    Here is an update on our work in D.C. which was supported in part by the generous contribution from the Ben’s Chili Bowl Foundation last year. (1)   Tellin’ Stories Project is a unique approach to building grassroots multiracial parent power with a focus on families who have traditionally been marginalized due to race, class, and/or national origin. We are currently working in six DC public schools and one Prince George’s County, MD public school while also developing a model for national expansion. This past year we produced a short film about our Roving Readers program and developed approaches to challenging potential power shifts in gentrifying schools. (2)   Teach the Beat provides resources to bring the history and music of go-go into middle and high school social studies, language arts, math, music, and/or D.C. history classes. This effort was launched in collaboration with Charles Stephenson (former manager of EU) and DCPS ...
  • Black Student Fund

    Support from Ben’s Chili Bowl Foundation will enable the Black Student Fund to implement STEM BSF. STEM BSF is a three part academic and enrichment program. STEM BSF includes: academic monitoring, evaluation and support of 6th-12th grade BSF scholars in science and math; placement in STEM programs with BSF partners and hands on STEM events. STEM BSF is an example of human advancement work of BSF providing support, promoting achievement and insuring that all BSF scholars are STEM strong. BSF Video here: Thanks for your support. Leroy Nesbitt Jr. Executive Director Black Student Fund 3636 16th St NW, 4th Floor Washington, DC 20010 (202)-387-1414

Giving is thinking bigger than yourself.  It means thinking of others.  Giving is a ripple effect.  Any donation, no matter how small can change a persons life.  It can provide an experience that lives on in ones mind for decades, alters a path for the better, and inspires one to do more.  We really don’t know what positive change will happen or how much, when we give.  But what we do know, is that none of the above can happen by our hand if we don’t.

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